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Standards of Construction Plant, Equipment & Tools

We expect Owners who use the Shareplant service to ensure their Equipment complies with current legislation and industry standards.

Many Hirers will only rent Plant, Equipment and Tools which meet stringent standards to ensure safety on their construction sites.

We have compiled a suite of ‘minimum standards’ to help equipment Owners determine whether they comply with the desired standards.

When Owners list equipment on Shareplant, they will find an option box to confirm that their equipment meets minimum standards.

Although not compulsory, this will allow Hirers to search for equipment only meeting the minimum standard.

This is a way of staying ahead of the competition.  Equipment meeting the minimum standard will be in greater demand and obtain the highest rental rates.


Shareplant Minimum Standards

The document is the Shareplant Minimum Standard for Plant, Equipment and Tools.  It covers the basic requirements to meet legislation and most Hirer’s requirements.

Please note it is a guidance document for your use and is not an exhaustive list of your obligations as an Owner or Hirer.

Please ensure you periodically check legislation and your customer requirements.