The sharing economy is becoming big news — and no wonder. We are facing uncertain political times, the construction industry is under enormous pressure to increase productivity and efficiency, and who knows what the economy will look like in 3 months, 6 months, a year…

Yet, no matter what your finances look like, or what economists predict, hiring equipment just makes sense.

If you are in need of construction plant and equipment, renting rather than buying allows you to avoid the eye-watering initial outlay of purchasing equipment outright or lease commitment and means you only have to pay for the time spent actually using the machinery.

If you already own your own construction equipment, you may already feel the strain of losing money while your equipment sits idle between projects or due to unforeseen delays. Being able to rent it out during these periods when it’s not in use can make a huge difference to your bottom line and help you cover the costs of the machinery’s upkeep, like maintenance and tax.

Renting construction equipment isn’t without its problems though. It can be time consuming as you have to trawl the internet to find one company for your skip hire, another business that’ll rent you an excavator, and yet another for your smaller items like cement mixers. And when you do eventually find the equipment you need, trying to organise the rental is like pulling teeth. Everywhere you turn it’s a case of ‘prices available upon request’, ‘Complete this contact form and we’ll be in touch’, ‘Email us to find out about availability’.

Shareplant is different. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made the hiring process as simple as possible.

A single platform

Yes, you want specialist equipment, but you don’t want to have to go to five different specialist businesses to find what you need. Whether you need a digger, a truck, a mixer, or a generator, you can find them all on the one platform – Shareplant. But, because they are being rented out directly by the owners, you still have access to the specialist knowledge you need to get the most out of the equipment.

Flexible options

Some traditional plant hire companies can be a little rigid in their offerings, which again can waste a whole load of time as you struggle to find somewhere that can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily our business model allows much more flexibility. Whatever your budget, your project schedule, or your location, you’ll likely find a rental option to suit. You can search for equipment that is self-drive only or that comes with an experienced operator and you can choose companies that offer delivery or allow you to pick up.

Upfront pricing

Haggling over prices or requesting a quote only to discover that it’s nowhere close to what your budget will allow is another time waster you’ll be familiar with if you’re used to dealing with traditional hire companies.

With Shareplant, you can see the price upfront so you can get straight to the options that you can actually afford.

‘On the move’ access

All of our rental equipment can be booked directly via our integrated booking system. Once you’ve read the details and established that the equipment and the rental terms fit your needs, all you have to do is add the dates and times you’re looking for and hit ‘Rent’.

No more trying to call owners and getting nothing but voicemail, no more back-and-forth emailing to find out vital info — just a few clicks and you’re done.

And the best bit? You can do it all ‘on the move’, from anywhere, as long as you have access to a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (which is everywhere really!).

When you decide to hire construction equipment, the whole point is to make your work — and your life — easier, which is why we always keep things simple.