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Shareplant Rentals

On average, 75% of owners have idle equipment every week.

Our online marketplace connects equipment owners directly to hirers so that they can rent equipment to each other when it would be otherwise be sitting idle.

Equipment owners can join and list any type equipment for free, whilst hirers can join to find nearby self drive or operated specialist equipment to rent in seconds!

This new way of thinking is based on the ‘Sharing Economy’, which is based on two concepts:

  • The assets we own aren’t used all of the time.
  • We don’t need to own everything – we can rent other people’s equipment.

That’s where the Shareplant idea came from and now here it is for you to use!

How Shareplant Rentals Work

Owners list unused or idle equipment for rent. Contractors search, find and hire nearby self drive and operated equipment.

“Thanks very much for this great tool and helping us get set up. All of our plant and equipment is available to hire through Shareplant now”
Amy Edwards

BAF Contracting & Services Ltd

“Shareplant is really easy to use and the team are very helpful. Shareplant helped us to find the right equipment in the right place at the right price. We are delighted with the service Shareplant provided and we will definitely use them again.”

Conner McEwan

Director, Turnkey Solutions Ltd

Increase Construction Equipment Utilisation & Profitability

Owner benefits

As a plant owner, maximising utilisation and profit is one of your goals.  By using Shareplant Rentals, you have access to construction organisations that need your equipment, allowing you to rent it out when you aren’t using it.  Shareplant will help you mange your workload, access new markets, find new clients and earn extra money, helping you grow your business.

Constructor benefits

As a constructor, you need to find the right equipment when you need it, in the right location at the right price.  By using Shareplant Rentals, you can search your local area to quickly find and rent a wide variety of nearby, self drive or operated specialist construction equipment.  You can grow relationships with local organisations who can offer you excellent customer service, flexibility and value for money.

Client benefits

As a client, obtaining best value for money and environmental performance from your projects is paramount.  By encouraging your construction providers and supply chain to use Shareplant, you will see predictability and best value on your construction projects by facilitating collaboration between main contractors and the supply chain.

Supply chain benefits

Smaller equipment providers offer great flexibility and very competitive prices, but often struggle to find a way to market when dealing with large client organisations.  The innovative Shareplant platform connects these smaller service providers with the large construction organisations, allowing equipment owners to offer their plant for hire when they aren’t using it.  By using Shareplant, you are helping to nurture and grow the supply chain

Environmental benefits

By using Shareplant to find local equipment transport costs, CO2 emmissions and wear and tear on the roads network are greatly reduced.

Need further help?

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