Shareplant Concept

We are revolutionising the construction industry by facilitating the largest construction sharing community in the UK and by connecting service providers to contractors.

Shareplant is an online marketplace platform which provides a ‘one stop shop’ for construction professionals to provide and contractors to find construction and support services.

Shareplant can help you to maximise the utilisation of your people, plant and equipment, help you find the right resource when and where you need it, reduce cost and increase profit – reducing the need for you to purchase expensive equipment or permanently employ expensive specialist staff.

Our Services

Maximise the utilisation of your people, plant and equipment, find the right resources when and where required, reduce cost and increase profit using Shareplant.

Shareplant Rentals is an alternative way to hire plant and equipment.

Equipment owners can rent out unused equipment and contractors can find and hire nearby self drive and operated equipment in seconds!

Our smart construction management software application.

Replace conventional spreadsheets, connect your teams and improve data accuracy using our online app with ready-to-go reports, trackers and documents.

How Shareplant Rentals Works

Owners list unused or idle equipment for rent. Contractors search, find and hire nearby self drive and operated equipment.

How Shareplant Toolbox Works

Affordable plans which are ideal for construction businesses of all sizes with single or multiple sites. Shareplant Toolbox provides a simple and efficient way to keep your team connected with accurate data.

Want to know more?

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“Thanks very much for this great tool and helping us get set up. All of our plant and equipment is available to hire through Shareplant now”
Amy Edwards

BAF Contracting & Services Ltd

“Shareplant is really easy to use and the team are very helpful. Shareplant helped us to find the right equipment in the right place at the right price. We are delighted with the service Shareplant provided and we will definitely use them again.”

Conner McEwan

Director, Turnkey Solutions Ltd