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Rental Tutorials

Our tutorials show how to rent out and hire equipment using our rental marketplace…

How to join Shareplant Rentals

Signing up to Shareplant Rentals is really simple and only takes a few minutes.  Just add your name and email address and then create your profile with a user name and password.  

How to rent equipment

Browsing our Marketplace is easy and flexible …

Once you have logged in, browse or search our listings to find the equipment you need, where and when you need it. Apply filters to pinpoint specific types of equipment, location or price range.


How to post a new listing

Once you have signed up and logged in, you can list your equipment so that your new customers can find you.

Our simple listing page means you can list each piece of equipment easily in under 5 minutes. 

Need further help?

Book a free demo – A member of our team can take you through the process of joining and creating equipment listings using an on-screen demonstration.

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