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Our Story


Built for Contractors by Contractors

How it all Started

We are really pleased that are interested in Shareplant and we look forward to working with you and seeing your rental business go from strength to strength.

You're probably wondering how all this started ... Well, it's really simple - I've been in the construction industry for over 30 years and I often see equipment standing idle on construction sites, in the yard or at the side of motorways.  Any equipment standing idle is a wasted asset; someone is paying for that idle time, whether it is the owner or client.

I started to think of ways to try and reduce the idle time and increase utilisation for the equipment owners.  The idea suddenly came to me while we were on holiday one summer.  A few years ago we started using Airbnb to book our holiday accommodation.  At the time, Airbnb was new and it allowed owners of spare bedrooms and flats to rent them out to holiday makers - effectively utilising an unused asset and earning money for the owner.

This new way of thinking is called the 'Sharing Economy', which is based on two concepts:

1. The assets we own aren't used for much of the time.
2. We don't need to own everything - we can use other peoples stuff.

Bingo, the idea suddenly came to me! ... why don't we create an Airbnb for the construction industry?  That's where Shareplant idea came from and now here it is for you to use.

So, welcome to the Sharing Economy - you are a trail blazer!

Mark Watters

The Shareplant Concept

Built for contractors by contractors, the Shareplant concept is based on the simple premise that idle equipment is a waste of money for everyone - owners, constructors and clients alike.  

SharePlant is a service that connects equipment owners to users so that they can rent construction equipment to each other when it would be otherwise be sitting idle.

Our service helps you to minimise cost and maximising profit.  We do this by connecting you with like minded construction professionals who want to see their equipment working for them rather than sitting idle.  Equipment utilisation is key to running a profitable construction business.  SharePlant can be used to maximise this, resulting in additional and regular income for equipment owners and ready availability of nearby specialist equipment for users.

It's a win-win situation for equipment owners and users alike.  SharePlant allows owners to list their equipment for rent when they aren't using it and allows construction professionals to search for type of equipment they need - when and where they need it.


Built For Contractors By Contractors

We have over 30 years of construction experience on major construction projects throughout the UK.  During this time we have hired many types of equipment - ranging from large earth moving equipment to smaller welding and generator sets.  

Over the years, our team regularly experienced poor equipment utilisation and difficulty in finding the equipment we needed at the right time, in the right place for the right price.

An opportunity was identified for plant owners to earn additional income through increased utilisation of their equipment and for construction companies to find specialist equipment quickly where they need it directly from the owners.  

Our staff also observed that construction plant was also being regularly transported large distances from site to site when it could often be found nearby - however, there was no way to locate, book or manage this plant.

That's how Shareplant was created - it was built for contractors by contractors.  We simply developed a tool to allow people to collaborate and find each other to rent plant to and from each other.

UK Construction Expenditure Over Next 5 Years
£ Billion
Annual UK Construction Expenditure
£ Billion
Annual UK Construction Plant, Equipment & Tool Hire Market
£ Billion
Typical Plant & Equipment Utilisation in the UK is as low as

The Sharing Economy

IMG 1087 - Our Story

The Sharing Economy is one of the fastest growing global business sectors.  Over the last ten years it has revolutionised the holiday space market (airbnb), the transport market (Uber) and the services market (TaskRabbit) to name but a few.

It is estimated that the sharing economy will grow exponentially over the next ten years.  This will allow individuals to earn income by supplying goods and services to new markets by utilising spare assets.

Within the UK Construction Industry Plant, Equipment and Tool utilisation is often as low as 30%.  In an industry worth in excess of £3.6bn per year, such low efficiencies present significant opportunity for cost savings and income through collaboration.  

Shareplant is a revolutionary tool to allow this collaboration to happen.

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