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Bymark w Posted Apr 15, 2017

Plant Utilisation

Plant often sits idle for up to 70% of the time (that’s only 30% utilisation!).  This is wasted capital and these assets could be working for you more of the time – in shutdown periods, waiting periods, nights and weekends.  Increased utilisation means enhanced revenue and profitability for plant owners and reduced costs and profitability for constructors and clients.

Bymark w Posted Apr 15, 2017

UK Annual Construction Expenditure

Construction contributes over £90 billion to the UK Economy per year, 6.7% of the total.  UK construction is the powerhouse of the economy providing new and updated infrastructure across the country by building new housing, utilities networks, transport, industrial, commercial and agricultural facilities.  By using Shareplant, as a Plant owner, you can access these markets, increase your plant utilisation and expand your client base.

Bymark w Posted Apr 15, 2017

Global Construction Market

The Global construction market is forecast to increase from  $8.5 trillion expenditure in 2016 to $12 trillion in 2025 (source: Global Construction 2025) .  Even in conservative terms, that equates to $600 billion per year in Plant usage or Plant Hire.  As a plant owner, this means demand for your equipment will increase.  Access more clients using

Bymark w Posted Apr 14, 2017

Shareplant uses leading Satmo tracking technology

Shareplant is now able to offer an equipment tracking service as part of its integrated plant sharing platform.  By partnering with Satmo, as UK based tracking technology partner, Shareplant now offers tracking and utilisation management services as part of its web based system.  This enables owners and hirers to know the location of all rented plant 24/7 from anywhere.

Bymark w Posted Apr 8, 2017

Shareplant teams with CheckedSafe

Shareplant Ltd has teamed with the industry leading vehicle compliance company, CheckedSafe Ltd.  Using CheckedSafe technology, Shareplant now offers a fully integrated and DVSA compliant equipment checking system based on mobile technology, allowing Hirers to carry out real time pre-use and daily checks.