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Our Website is Easy to Use

Once you have signed up and logged in, you can list your equipment so that your new customers can find you.

Our simple listing page shown below means you can list each piece of equipment easily in under 5 minutes.

This allows you to advertise each item of equipment individually, providing maximum flexibility around your workload.

Listing Page

Instructions for Listing Your Equipment


Select Category

Select the most appropriate category and sub category for your equipment.  Some categories have additional sub categories for you to select.  This will allow hirers to find you easily.

If your category isn't listed, let us know and we can create one for you.


Add Details

Make the title as accurate as possible so that the search facility will show your equipment to hirers.  Add the daily rental price you want to charge hirers, noting that the Shareplant fee (15%) will be deducted from this.  Use the description field to enter as much information as you need to describe your equipment.


Select Options

Select the delivery / collection options appropriate to your rental and select whether your rental price is for equipment only or operated equipment.  Then confirm that your paperwork is in order and that the equipment maintenance is valid.  Finally, select the length of time you want the advert to be listed.


Add Location & Pictures

Enter the location of the equipment using location name or postcode.  This allows Hirers to search in the nearby area - increasing the likelihood of finding your equipment.

Upload pictures and images of certification and maintenance information to give the Hirer confidence that this is valid.


Publish Listing

Once saved, your listing will be published on the Shareplant website and will be available for Hirers to see.

From your listing page, you can check details, edit your listing at any time, close your listing if you want to remove it and set availability.


Add Availability

From your listing page, you can set and manage equipment availability at any time so you can adapt and be flexible around your workload.  For example, if scheduled work is delayed or cancelled, you can advertise on the Shareplant website to utilise your equipment which would have been otherwise idle.

Next Steps

List your equipment on Shareplant and start earn additional income.