When you create an equipment listing you will asked to add the location.  Make sure you use the location of the equipment, not your office or yard.  By doing this, Hirers will find the accurate location of the equipment when they search Shareplant.

For example, if a new contractor comes to an area and wants to find an excavator for their new construction site, they will find yours in the search if it is near to their construction site.  However, the Hirer won’t find it in the search if you have listed it as being located at your yard 50 miles away.

Insert as much detail into the location field as possible and include town, county and country details.  You my also use a postcode.  For security purposes, we don’t recommend using the full postcode.  Use only the first 4 or 5 characters of the postcode to show the general location.

Here is an example:

SE12, Lewisham, London, UK

By doing this, your equipment will be found when a hirer searches by postcode, town or county.

Check that the location you have selected is the correct one – there are often multiple locations with the same name – some in other countries!