Shareplant FAQ’s

What is Shareplant?

Shareplant is a UK based online marketplace platform which provides a ‘one stop shop’ for construction professionals to provide and secure construction related services.

What services does Shareplant provide?

We currently offer plant and equipment rentals and online construction management software.

We will be releasing more services in the near future.

Why is Shareplant different to other providers?

Shareplant makes use of existing assets and resources to maximise utilisation, reduce cost and maximise profit for all users.

Where does Shareplant operate?

Shareplant operates throughout the UK

Which industries does Shareplant operate in?

Shareplant operates in the UK construction, building and engineering industries.

What experience does Shareplant have?

Our team has over 35 years experience working in the construction industry.

Are payments via Shareplant safe?

All payments made through Shareplant are secured using the Stripe global payment gateway. Shareplant does not hold any customer payment details.

We also provide additional security by holding all payments in escrow until both parties mark the transaction as complete.

How can Shareplant benefit me?

Shareplant can help you maximise the utilisation of your people, plant and equipment and help you to find the right resources when and where required – reducing the need for you to purchase expensive equipment or permanently employ expensive specialist staff.

Schedule a free consultation and chat to a member of our team to find out how Shareplant can help you and your business. 


What is Shareplant Rentals?

Shareplant Rentals is an alternative way to hire plant and equipment (based on the AirBnB model) to maximise the utilisation of construction equipment. 

Equipment owners can rent out unused equipment and contractors can find and hire nearby self drive and operated specialist equipment seconds!.

What is Shareplant Toolbox?

Shareplant Toolbox is our Smart construction management software.

Replace conventional spreadsheets and manual processes and improve data accuracy using our online app with ready-to-go reports, trackers and documents. Connect everyone from client to subcontractor and from office to sites using any device.

What is Shareplant Freelance?

Shareplant Freelance is our new way to find skilled professionals for every project.

Post a construction task. Then hire UK wide Construction freelancers that will bid for and complete your construction tasks when and where you need them.

Got A Question?

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