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Does it cost me anything to join Shareplant Rentals?

No, it is free to join Shareplant Rentals Marketplace and free to list as much equipment as you like.

Do Shareplant take a commission?

Yes, Shareplant takes 8% (inc VAT) of the rental amount as commission from the Owner.

What type of equipment can I list on Shareplant Rentals?

You can list any type of construction plant, equipment or tools. Whatever you think will be valuable to the community, we encourage you to list it.

Who sets the rental price for the equipment?

As the Owner, you set the rental prices and you can change the pricing whenever you like.

Who manages the rental listing?

You, as the Owner, manage your Shareplant Rentals account and equipment listings. You can change the listings and equipment information as often as you like by logging into your account.

Will Shareplant create my listings for me?

Yes, for a small charge we will create your listings for you if you send us your equipment details and images etc. Please send us an email at to find out more.

How do I get professional photos taken of my equipment?

For a small charge we can organise a professional photographer to take photographs of your equipment. Please send us an email at to find out more.

What rental durations can I list my equipment?

You can rent your equipment using hourly, daily, nightly, weekly and monthly rates

Can I rent out my equipment with an operator?

Yes you can rent out your equipment self drive only or fully operated … or both. Create separate listngs if you want to rent out both operated and self drive. This helps Hirers find what they are looking for.

Can I charge for delivery?

Yes, you can list your equipment for the Hirer to pickup at your premises and/or for you to deliver / collect. If you add the delivery option you can set a delivery charge which will be charged to the Hirer.

How is payment made and when do I get paid?

Payment is taken care of through the Shareplant platform. Payment is made by the Hirer and held in escrow until the rental transaction is complete. Upon completion, payment is initiated to the Owner which takes 7-10 days to reach your account.

Do I need to connect my bank account to Shareplant?

Yes, in order to get paid for your rentals you need to connect your bank details to Shareplant. Our payment gateway provider is Stripe meaning we don’t hold any of your bank details at Shareplant.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is our secure Payment Gateway provider and is used to process all payments for Shareplant. Stripe is an international payment gateway provider which securely processes payments for marketplace companies like Shareplant.

Can I manage the availability of my equipment?

Yes, you can access the ‘availability’ tool at any time and select dates when your equipment is available / unavailable. The search function will then only show equipment available on those dates and will ignore equipment marked as unavailable on those dates. This allows you to manage your equipment on a daily basis around your existing workload. Also, if your listing has an active rental currently or in the future, the calendar tool automatically displays those dates as unavailable. You can also close a listing and reopen it by simply selecting “close listing” and “open listing” which is located underneath the price on the listing page. By closing a listing, you are taking it off of the market so it is unable to be rented.

Are my Shareplant earnings taxable?

Generally, income earned by renting out your equipment is taxable. There may be deductions you might be able to take against this income, i.e, some vehicle expenses, depreciation, etc. Please consult your tax advisor to determine tax liabilities for your rental activities and retain all relevant documentation. This statement is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute tax or any other financial advice.

How long does it take to list my equipment?

It takes less than 5 minutes to list an item of equipment.

How will customers find my equipment?

Shareplant Rentals has a powerful search tool which allows Hirers to search by type of equipment, keyword and location. The search results will display equipment in distance order from the search location.

In order to keep trust and an open dialogue on SharePlant, it’s important to publicly document how your experience was after every transaction. Just like Yelp, Airbnb and Ebay, reviews exist to accurately reflect each and every member’s reputation within the SharePlant community.

Who manages the rental?

Shareplant connects the Owner and Hirer and allows you to manage the rental directly between each other using the Shareplant platform.

How am I informed about a rental booking?

When a Hirer selects your equipment, you will receive an email from Shareplant notifying you of the rental request. At this point you have options to accept or reject the request. If you accept the request the rental transaction is initiated and you will receive an order.

How do I communicate with the Hirer?

When the rental transaction is initiated, an internal Shareplant messaging system is opened up allowing you to message the Hirer to make final arrangements and ask/answer any questions with the Hirer.

Why is the equipment handover so important?

Equipment handover is the point where liability transfers from the Owner to Hirer and back again. It is important that the equipment, ID and documentation are checked at this point.

The Shareplant Toolbox provides a number of tools to help record information at the equipment handover.

How should I prepare for the equipment handover?

Be sure to prepare your equipment and have it ready before you meet the Hirer. It should be serviced, cleaned and double checked to make sure all items are accounted for and in good working order. Allow yourself enough time to assist the Hirer, if necessary, as they check your equipment and familiarise themselves with it.

Where should the equipment handover take place?

The equipment handover can take place at any location agreed between you and the Hirer via the Shareplant messaging system. Ideally, the handover location should allow sufficient time and space to thoroughly carry out equipment, ID and document checks.

Which documents should I check at the handover?

As an Owner, you should check the Hirers ID (passport / driving licence), Employer ID, Insurance certificate and operator qualifications / cards. The Shareplant mobile App provides a number of tools to help with this and record the information.

Who is liable for loss or damage?

Under the Shareplant Terms and Conditions, the Owner is responsible for the equipment before handover to the Hirer. After handover to the Hirer, the Hirer is responsible for any loss /damage during the rental. The Hirers remains responsible for the equipment until it is returned to the Owner at the return handover.

What are the insurance arrangements?

The Hirer must have insurance to ‘hire in’ equipment and must be prepared to present the insurance certificate to the Owner at the handover. Short Term ‘hire in’ insurance cover can be purchased from JCB Insurance and other similar brokers.

Is Shareplant an insurer?

No, Shareplant is not an insurance agent, broker or underwriter. We simply connect Owner and Hirer. The Owner and Hirer must satisfy themselves that insurance cover is in place and suitable.

Who is liable for breakdowns?

Under the Shareplant Terms and Conditions, the Owner is responsible for all equipment maintenance and certification. The Owner is responsible for any breakdowns during the rental and must repair the breakdown as quickly as possible or supply replacement equipment to the Hirer at no extra charge.

Who pays for fuel?

The Hirer should return the equipment with the same amount of fuel as supplied at the handover. The Shareplant Mobile App contains checklists to help record this type of information.

Should I leave a review on Shareplant?

Yes, we always encourage our users to leave reviews. This ensures the Rentals community is a trusted and high quality marketplace for equipment rentals.

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