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What is Shareplant Rentals?

Shareplant Rentals is a construction equipment rental marketplace where owners of equipment can rent it out directly to hirers.

Does it cost me anything to join Shareplant Rentals?

No, it is free to join & browse Shareplant Rentals.

What is included in prices listed?

Prices listed on the Shareplant Rentals are an all in price, including VAT & Shareplant fees.

What type of equipment can I rent on the Shareplant Rentals?

You can rent any type of construction plant, equipment or tools.

Where do you operate?

The Shareplant is a national online service operating across the United Kingdom.

How do I join the Shareplant Rentals?

Simply follow our ‘sign up‘ link and enter your details. You will receive a confirmation email. When you have confirmed your email, your Shareplant account is live.

How do I find equipment to rent?

Shareplant has a powerful search tool which allows Hirers to search by type of equipment, keyword and location. The search results will display equipment in distance order from the search location.

Can I ask questions about the equipment?

Yes, on the listing page you can message the Owner using the ‘contact’ button to clarify equipment specifications and other questions.

Who manages the rental?

Shareplant connects the Owner and Hirer and allows you to manage the rental directly between each other using the Shareplant platform.

How do I make a rental booking?

When you have found the equipment you would like to rent, Shareplant sends an email to the Owner requesting the rental. When the Owner accepts the request, you will receive a booking confirmation by email.

When does my rental start / end?

For hourly rentals, the rental starts and ends at the times stated on the order confirmation. For all other bookings, the rental starts at 8am on the start date and ends at 5pm on the end date. Note plant must be cleaned and checked by the Hirer by 5pm.

How do I communicate with the owner?

When the rental transaction is confirmed, an internal Rentals messaging system is opened up allowing you to message the owner to make final arrangements and ask/answer any questions with the owner.

Should I leave a review on Shareplant?

Yes, we always encourage our users to leave reviews. This ensures the Shareplant community is a trusted and high quality marketplace for equipment rentals.

Can I extend the rental?

Yes, just reselect the equipment in the Shareplant listings and initiate a new rental to extend the booking. This will send an email to the owner asking for the extension. When the owner accepts the request, a new rental transaction will be confirmed and you can keep the equipment until the new end date.

What if I return the equipment late?

If there is a possibility that you will return the equipment late, you must inform the Owner as soon as possible via the Shareplant messaging system. Under the Shareplant Terms and Conditions, failure to return the equipment by 5pm on the rental end date will result in another days rental being charged to the Hirer.

In order to keep trust and an open dialogue on SharePlant, it’s important to publicly document how your experience was after every transaction. Just like Yelp, Airbnb and Ebay, reviews exist to accurately reflect each and every member’s reputation within the SharePlant community.

Why is the equipment handover so important?

Equipment handover is the point where liability transfers from the Owner to Hirer and back again. It is important that the equipment, ID and documentation are checked at this point. The Shareplant mobile App provides a number of tools to help record information at the equipment handover.

Where should the equipment handover take place?

The equipment handover can take place at any location agreed between you and the Owner via the Shareplant messaging system. Ideally, the handover location should allow sufficient time and space to thoroughly carry out equipment, ID and document checks.

Can someone else pick up the equipment on my behalf?

Yes, as long as you notify the Owner who the named person will be so that the Owner can check their ID. Please note that you, as the Hirer, are still responsible for the equipment if you nominate someone else to pick up the equipment.

What if I am not satisfied with the equipment or it isn't as described in the listing?

You can reject the equipment at the handover. Please take photos of the equipment supplied and then contact us to help resolve the situation.

What if I notice existing damage?

You must thoroughly inspect and record the condition of the equipment at handover.

Shareplant Toolbox contains a number of tools to help you record the condition of the equipment at handover.

Who is liable for loss or damage?

Under the Shareplant Terms and Conditions, the Owner is responsible for the equipment before handover to the Hirer. After handover to the Hirer, the Hirer is responsible for any loss /damage during the rental. The Hirers remains responsible for the equipment until it is returned to the Owner at the return handover.

What are the insurance arrangements?

The Hirer must have insurance to ‘hire in’ equipment and must be prepared to present the insurance certificate to the Owner at the handover. Short Term ‘hire in’ insurance cover can be purchased from JCB Insurance and other similar brokers.

Is Shareplant an insurer?

No, Shareplant is not an insurance agent, broker or underwriter. We simply connect owner and hirer. The owner and hirer must satisfy themselves that insurance cover is in place and suitable.

Who is liable for breakdowns?

Under the Shareplant Terms and Conditions, the Owner is responsible for all equipment maintenance and certification. The Owner is responsible for any breakdowns during the rental and must repair the breakdown as quickly as possible or supply replacement equipment to the Hirer at no extra charge.

Who pays for fuel?

The hirer should return the equipment with the same amount of fuel as supplied at the handover. The Shareplant Mobile App contains checklists to help record this type of information.

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