We use Paypal and Stripe as our payment systems because they are safe and secure.  In order to get paid for your rentals, you need to connect your bank account details to Shareplant which then links through to Paypal and Stripe.

We recommend that you connect your bank account to Shareplant when you create a Shareplant account.  An equipment hirer can only book a rental with you if your account is connected.

You could be losing out on business if a customer wants to rent your equipment but your account isn’t connected.  It only takes 5 minutes.

To connect your bank account, please carry out the following:-

1. Go to Shareplant.com and select the ‘Join/Login’ menu tab
2. Login using the details above
3. Hover over your logo in the top right of the screen
4. Select ‘settings’
5. Select ‘payments’
6. Select ‘add bank details’
7. Start filling in your details and bank account and sort code boxes will appear.
8. Complete details and click on ‘save details’.