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Booking is straightforward ...

Once you have checked availability and concluded any questions with the owner, you can confirm the rental and pay the rental fee directly to the Owner.  Your rental is now secured.

In addition to the rental, you can purchase insurance (if needed), equipment tracking services and our App based equipment checking service as 'add on' services.

Instructions for Payment


Confirm the Rental

When you hit the Rent button, you will see the rental confirmation page detailing the equipment, dates and total rental price.  You can also add a message for the Owner to confirm any final details.

Before proceeding to the payment page, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the Shareplant Terms and Conditions.  You can view and read them before confirming acceptance.



Payment via Paypal

You will be taken to the Paypal portal where you can use your Paypal login details to pay for the rental.

Alternatively, you can simply add your standard credit or debit card details without creating a Paypal account.

Your payment will be authorised, but not taken until the Owner accepts the request.  You will receive confirmation via your Shareplant messaging inbox when the Owner accepts the rental.


Owner Accepts the Rental

When the Owner accepts the rental, you will receive a confirmation message via your Shareplant messaging inbox.

The rental can now proceed.

When the rental is successfully complete, you can confirm via your inbox by selecting the 'mark complete' option.

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