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Benefits of Using Shareplant


Owner Benefits

As a plant owner, maximising utilisation and profit is one of your goals.  By using Shareplant, you have access to construction organisations that need your equipment, allowing you to rent it out when you aren't using it.  Shareplant will help you access new markets, find new clients and earn extra money, helping you grow your business.

Industry Benefits

It is well known that the construction industry lags behind other sectors, such as manufacturing, in efficiency improvements.  Indeed, the UK Government has an aspiration to improve construction efficiency by 30%.  This means that UK plc could deliver more assets for the same amount of Capital investment.  By using Shareplant, you are helping to improve the efficiency of the UK construction industry which will reduce costs to the UK tax payer.

Constructor Benefits

As a constructor, you need to find the right equipment when you need it, in the right location at the right price.  By using Shareplant, you can search your local area to quickly find and rent a wide variety of nearby, specialist construction equipment.  You can grow relationships with local organisations who can offer you excellent customer service, flexibility and value for money.

Supply Chain Benefits

It is well understood that small medium sized enterprises (SME) and sole traders offer great flexibility and very competitive prices, but struggle to find a way to market when dealing with large client organisations.  Shareplant connects these smaller service providers with the large construction organisations through our innovative web platform, allowing owners of plant to offer their plant for hire when they aren't using it.  By using Shareplant, you are helping to nurture and grow the supply chain

Client Benefits

As a client or end user, obtaining best value for money and environmental performance from your projects are some of your goals.  By encouraging your construction providers and supply chain to use Shareplant, you will encourage predictability and best value on your construction projects by facilitating collaboration between main contractors and the supply chain.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental impact of manufacturing the world's construction equipment is huge.  Factories around the globe use large amounts of natural resources - raw materials and energy - to make this equipment.  Waste and emissions from transport and the manufacturing process contributes to global carbon dioxide emissions and waste disposal challenges. By using Shareplant, increased utilisation of Plant means we need fewer new items of Plant with less transportation.

Five Simple Steps


Sign up & Log in

Shareplant is easy to use.  Simply follow the link to our Sign Up page and enter a few details to get you started.  Alternatively, use your Facebook profile to sign up even faster.  We will verify your application and you can then browse the rental listings.

List your Equipment

As part of our security process, we may ask you to verify your identity.  Once this is complete, you can list your equipment on the Shareplant platform.  Using our calendar availability function, you can select the dates your equipment is available for rent.

Browse & Select

As a Constructor, you can browse the equipment rental listings or search using our filters to find the type and location of equipment you need.  Then simply select the rental dates you require and contact the owner through our secure messaging system to confirm availability.

Book & Pay

When the owner has confirmed availability, you can book the rental. At this stage, you will pay for the rental via our secure processing system to give you peace of mind.  If required, you can also purchase insurance to cover your rental for damage to the equipment.

Meet & Construct

Our secure messaging system will allow communication between the owner and hirer to arrange equipment handover details.  Options include delivery by the owner or collection by the hirer.  At the handover, an inspection is carried out to verify the condition of the plant .  The Hirer can now use the equipment.  When the rental is complete the equipment is returned to the owner and the inspection is repeated to verify condition of the equipment after use.

Owner and Hirer then leave feedback on each other on the Shareplant system.  This creates a community of trust and also encourages Shareplant users to provide excellent customer service to each other.

Next Steps...

It couldn't be easier .... just spend a few minutes registering your details on SharePlant and you are ready to start making money by renting out your equipment or renting other people's equipment at a time, location and price to suit you.