Clear, high quality photographs will attract clients to your listing.  Ensure your equipment is centralised in the photos and your pictures show its main features. Don’t forget you can add as many photos as you like.

Use a good quality camera or smart phone with high resolution and make sure the lighting is adequate.  Ideally, the image size should be 660 x 440 pixels.

It could be beneficial to ‘pose’ the equipment in the workplace for the photo.

It sounds simple, but you might want to clean the equipment for the pictures to show your customers that you are a professional and well run operation. Remember, first impressions count!

Try adding video footage of your equipment working on a typical construction task or even produce a short video of you selling your services.

You can add video footage by inserting a youtube link into the description text of your listing. Use your smartphone or Gro Pro camera to take stunning video of your equipment.