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Find specialist equipment to hire when and where you need it.

Rent out your idle equipment and increase revenue.

Ship equipment to and from any UK location.

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Construction & Engineering Equipment Rental Marketplace

Find and hire all types of high quality specialist construction and engineering equipment directly from experienced owners when and where you need it.

Rent out underutilised equipment to our trusted construction professionals and maximise utilisation and profitability.

No more idle equipment!

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Construction & Engineering Equipment Shipping Marketplace

Post your equipment shipping requirements and receive quotes and shipment dates from our trusted transport providers to meet your project schedule.

Register as a transport company to receive shipping requests from our construction professionals to maximise revenue and profitability

No more empty backloads 🙂

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Join the Construction Sharing Economy

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Sharing Economy

The sharing Economy is a relatively new way of thinking based on two concepts:

– The assets we own aren’t used all of the time.

– We don’t need to own everything – we can rent other people’s equipment.

In the construction and engineering industry expensive equipment is often under utilised, with 75% of owners reporting that they have equipment standing idle each week with utilisation rates as low as 30%.

This presents an opportunity for equipment users and owners to collaborate to rent equipment to each other at convenient times to maximise utilisation and efficiency.

We have built the Shareplant marketplace to do exactly that – allow hirers to rent high quality specialist equipment directly from owners when it isn’t being used.

This also provides a huge benefit to the environment and an opportunity to help reduce global construction CO2 emissions and the resulting effects of climate change by reducing transport distances and using existing equipment rather than continually manufacturing new.

At Shareplant we are passionate about using the Sharing Economy to reduce the impact of construction and engineering on our climate and, by using the Shareplant marketplace, you can play your part on the important carbon reduction journey.

How Shareplant Works

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'Hire In' or 'Rent Out' Any Type of Equipment

Using Shareplant Rentals, equipment owners can create a free account and list any type of construction or engineering equipment for rent on a daily, hourly, self drive or operated basis. Additional revenue can be earned by providing delivery and add-on services such as fuel, consumables, machinery attachments and ancilliaries.

Construction professionals can search by equipment type, features, location, availability and price to find equipment when and where required, reducing the need to transport equipment large distances to construction sites.

Our booking system allows hirers and owners to confirm bookings and provides email and SMS notifications thoughout the process.

Existing hire agreements, credit control and payment terms are used directly between the owner and hirer – ensuring both parties maintain compliance with their own processes.

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Ship Any Equipment, Anywhere, Anytime

Using Shareplant Shipping, construction professionals can list any type of equipment for transport anywhere in the UK. By listing parameters such as item size, weight, collection/delivery locations and required dates, our trusted transport providers will provide accurate quotes for shipping.

You will receive multiple quotes, from which you can select the most appropriate one and book your shipment directly with the transporter.

Our booking and notification system allows clients and transporters to confirm bookings and communicate throughout the process.

Low Cost Subscription with Free Trial

We understand that margins can be tight, so we don’t charge a commission on your rental or shipping bookings. Instead we charge a low monthly subscription based on the number of listings you want to make. Contact us for more details on our subscription plan pricing.


“Thanks very much for this great tool and helping us get set up.
All our plant and equipment is now available to hire through Shareplant Rentals”
Amy Edwards

Director, BAF Contracting & Services

“Shareplant helped us find the right equipment in the right place at the right price. We are delighted with the Shareplant service and we will definitely use them again.”

Conner McEwan

Director, Turnkey Solutions

Shareplant is a great concept and we have listed all of our equipment for rent. This will help us to maximise utilisation and help us manage our workload peaks.

Martin Tweddle

Director, DSD Construction